Online course: “Leaders of change: helping African policymakers develop their capacity to promote the use of knowledge in policy”

This online course is aimed at African policy makers and civil servants interested in promoting a better use of knowledge in policy making in their governmental agencies and thus seeking to discuss with colleagues and learn from inspiring practices and reflections.

While over the last years there has been an increasing interest and institutionalization of the use of knowledge to inform public decision-making, our work experience with political leaders shows that many of them need to get to know concrete tools and ideas to foster effective changes within their agencies, as well as receive support to face political challenges implied in the promotion of a better use of research. As a response, this course will focus not only on supporting the development of technical ability, but also on how to approach frequent challenges that arise when seeking to strengthen the use of evidence, taking into account the political economy of these processes.

The general goal is to contribute to improving African officials’ current capacity to use and promote the use of knowledge in policy making and public management in the region.

To achieve this, the course will:

  • Develop participants’ abilities to identify, generate and use relevant information and knowledge within the framework of their organizations.
  • Promote exchange of knowledge and experiences among peers related to information generation, management, use and communications in policyrelated processes.
  • Generate new relevant and useful knowledge to contribute to the generation and use of information in the public sector in other regions as well.

2016 important dates

Launch of call for applications January 11st

Deadline for submitting proposals March 2nd

Participant selection notification March 16th

Course start date March 28th Course end date May 15th

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Source: Research to Action

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