Dr. Mags Beksinska MSc, PhD

Mags B

Dr Beksinska has been working in the reproductive health  field for over 17 years. She currently works for MatCH (Maternal Adolescent and Child Health), University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa where she supports the research programme and is involved in a range of trials and interventions in the KwaZulu Natal Province. One of her main areas of work is barrier methods for pregnancy and STI/HIV prevention and she has  She is an international expert in the area of the female condom where she has been involved in a range of studies including performance, acceptability, reuse, pregnancy   efficacy and development of new prototypes of the female condom. She is a member of the WHO Female Condom Technical Review Committee and gives technical support to both WHO and UNFPA in  male and female condom standards and specifications. She has also been involved in Diaphragm prototype development and is a steering committee member of  CBAS (Cervical Barrier Advancement Society).

Her PhD, funded by WHO, investigated bone mass and injectable hormonal contraception and this was the first study to publish information on BMD and the injectable Norethisterone Enanthate. she also has been involved in several studies in the area of hormonal contraception compliance and side effects. She acts as a deputy module organiser on the Clinical Trials Distance Learning Programme at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine.

Dr Beksinska has been involved  with ReproNet-Africa for many years supporting the newsletter and other activities.